Write a note on redesigning of democracy in india

Types of Government

The leadership of the party by virtue of powers it enjoys mobilizes the administration to strengthen the party prospects in the election. A democracy is governed of the people, by the people and for the people.

Such flexibility in the system does not exist in Presidential form of government which is highly rigid. The government on the other hand is expected to give due consideration to the views of the people speaking out against it. The President appoints his nominees as ministers and distributes portfolios among them on his recommendation.

This vote is extremely important because it determines the kind of government that comes in power. But it is the political leadership or the cabinet who takes the responsibility for everything in administration.

When the population goes to vote, they vote for a candidate in their area. In other words the minister who does not agree to the decisions of the cabinet must tender his resignation, so that he can oppose that on the floors of the legislature.

Close collaboration between the Executive and the legislature In this system the executive and the legislature work in close cooperation.

Democracy which appeared to be badly derailed was claimed to be put back on the rails. Despite its shortcomings democracy is still our best bet because its virtues outweigh the problems it brings.

They can even oppose its policies, but peacefully, without resorting to violence or breaking the laws. In view of the legislative support and the formidable power at its disposal the cabinet virtually becomes dictatorial. The role of political parties is very important in a democratic system.

The party with maximum votes forms the government. The fundamental rights in the constitution of India were also developed from the US constitution.

Write a short note on democracy

Elections are held every five years in our country for both the Central and State Legislatures or even earlier if the government falls. It cannot take steps to prevent them because that would be undemocratic. Most political parties are only interested in coming to power.

The President in India or the king in England are the symbols of nominal head of the executive where as the Prime Minister is the real head of the executive. They were economically strong and numerically powerful.

In other words people's interest suffers at the cost of political considerations.

Notes on the Parliamentary form of Government in India

People group themselves into political parties according to their views and objectives. They have to be aware of their rights and know what they should expect from their elected representatives. His powers are exercised by the Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister.

As a general rule every important piece of departmental policy is taken to commit the whole cabinet. The person holding the post may have great stature but he does not exercise his power independently although the administration of the state runs in his name and theoretically all the power belong to him under the constitution.

Name a few countries in the world which have a democratic form of government. India is having a democratic form of government for the people, by the people, of the people. This system is unsuitable in countries with more than two parties.

Write a short note on Representative Democracy

But the new government acted quickly and controlled the situation. In industrial sphere India made astonishing progress and large scale industries grew very rapidly during this period due to efforts of government and Planning Commission, and Five Year Plans etc. As we observe the large number of political parties in India have contributed to political instability.India follows the system of representative democracy.

This means that people elect their representatives to power to run the government for them. Representative democracy works in a particular way. Redesigning of Democracy in India Democracy was established in India on 26th January, when its new constitution came into force.

Write a short note on democracy

Since then, many democratic institutions created by the Constitution have, by and large, proved workable and enduring.

Democracy Dies in Darkness. Try 1 month for $1. Username; India, on April 12, (Anupam Nath/AP) planned to write a letter to Harvard seeking an explanation of the comments by Michels. AHMEDABAD REGION अध्ययन-सामग्री STUDY MATERIAL CLASS: IX SOCIAL SCIENCE सत्र SESSION 2 SUMMATIVE ASSESMENT I (Term 1) Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World The growth of social democracy (b) The crises in Germany.

(c) The basis of Hitler's rise to power. Indian is the largest democracy in the world. The Constitution of Indian was enforced on 26 January, It ushered in the age pf democracy.

300 Words Short Essay on Democracy in India

India became a democratic republic infused with the spirit of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. write a short note on democracy in india and democracy in america Social Science What is Democracy Why Democracy.

Write a note on redesigning of democracy in india
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