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He even thought of handing him to the sheriff. Why did the latter not reveal his identity? When he is invited by the ironmaster to his house to celebrate Christmas, he feels a sense of entrapment and thusdeclines the invitation.

The ironmaster assumed that he felt embarrassed because of his miserable clothing. The ironmaster is amused but orders h im out. Why did the peddler decline the invitation? But although his guest was now so well groomed, the ironmaster did not seem pleased.

She could give milk for the creamery every day, and last month he had received all of thirty kronor in payment.

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He walked and walked but could not get out of it. Last night he was naturally embarrassed. Find five other such words with a similar meaning Noticing form 1. She was born with a hip injury which was caused from detachment in the hip joint. That morning she had felt so happy when she thought how homelike and Christmassy she was going to make things for the poor hungry wretch.

He said that was good enough for him since it had even given him thirty kroners in a month. Why did he show the thirty kroner to the peddler? He welcomed the peddler.

One dark evening as he was trudging along the road he caught sight of a little gray cottage by the roadside, and he knocked on the door to ask shelter for the night. What does each of these labels indicate of the context or the attitude of the people around him? He saw at once that the splendour had come to an end.

You must admit that, and I should not be surprised if the sheriff would like to have something to say in the matter. He walked into the woods and soon got confused. Edla requests father to allow him to stay.

The pedellar was touched by the kind treatment Edla gave him.

The Rattrap Selma Lagerlof Case Study Solution & Analysis

From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap? Now his own turn had come. She treated him like a captain of the army though she was aware that he was a common tramp.

He had sent his daughter, apparently hoping that she would have better powers of persuasion than he himself. Why this is so? Once a man went around selling small rattraps but he took to begging and thievery to keep his body and soul together.

Setting This story is set amidst the mines of Sweden, rich in iron ore which figure large in the history of that country. In fact, he betrayed his trust by robbing the thirty kronors from him. The sympathy is justified because in the end we find out that the peddler is capable of appreciating genuine goodness and hospitality.

The man with the rattraps said not a word; he only sat down and helped himself to the food. She interceded on his behalf when her father was about to turn him out. Now it was his turn to show her that the guest she had honoured was as honourable as the captain and not merely a petty thief.

The peddler felt confidence in her and agreed to go with her. Is the sympathy justified? Always he is afraid of being arrested and cross-examined. She introduced herself as Elda Wilmanson and requested him to join them at the manor.

They reach home immediately and learn that the peddler had already left but had not taken anything at all with him. He looked at the vagabond angrily, accusing him of hiding his true identity. Naturally, he was happy to get someone to talk to in his loneliness.Lagerlöf's "The Rattrap" is a metaphor for how humanity is beguiled by the "traps" of life, "all the good things that are offered." The rat trap seller makes his way through life by selling rat traps and supplementing his income through the hospitality of people along the way and through the stray kronor that he might steal from this or that person.

The Rattrap – Selma Lagerlof FULL SUMMARY “The Rat Trap” written by Selma Lagerlof is a short story about an old disheartened beggar and thief who is taken in and shown generosity by a young woman, her kindness changes his bitter attitude about life.

THE RATTRAP BY SELMA LAGERLOF. prepared by lapita das. theme. the story upholds the belief that the essential goodness of a human being can be awakened through love and. PROPOSTA CURRICULAR. anos iniciais – ensino fundamental – ciclos caderno 2: alfabetizando profª.

The Rattrap : Flamingo (English Literature Class XII Important Questions)

selma m. s. pereira favag. objetivo. Selma Lagerlof () was a Swedish writer whose stories have been translated into many languages. A universal theme runs through all of them — a belief that the essential goodness in a human being can be awakened through understanding and love.

The Rattrap The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof, the Swedish Nobel laureate, reads like a folk tale but holds a very meaningful message for us. In the context of a man’s experience around Christmas time, the story explores the edge experience has over intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.

Draw character sketch of edla wilmansson Name of chapter is "the rattrap" by selma lagerlof Advertisement Ask for details ; Follow She was extremely delighted at the letter and the gift that the rattrap seller left for her.

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The rattrap selma lagerlof
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