Science and technology has done more harm than good to mankind write against

Its easy to debate that technology is bad when your life hasnt been dependant on it. But we can understand the Universe.

However, I think differently. No to modern technology as what i have known modern technology can harm people such as radiation for example can cause death to human lives. For example, the viewpoint of human society as a whole, and in animal husbandry, one has gone from not from a standpoint of an individual.

Inmorning news paper. In the past, people used their labour to earn a living. Advanced technology is the culprit of pollution. Recently, they're developing micro aircrafts that can swarm like bugs. In what way has technology as done us good more than harm?

Premature babies ever since technology advancements have been surviving more and more. We have the bombs that can clear multiple cities with one bomb. Let's get involved and do whatever we can on an individual level to create a better tomorrow.

It improves the quality of lives of human beings and helps ease the burden of human at work or at home. Baseball or football could lead to getting hit by the ball or tackled causing broken bones, bloody noses, bruises ect.

Or even to create a virus to steal and hack peoples accounts and get well hard earned money all over the world. In fact, there are no relation between these two things. Science has been mostly applied for good, however there are a large amount of evils as a result too.

Snow industry by making it more effective and, what is vital today, safer for environment. For example, a middle-aged woman who spent most of her life unable to hear now has a micro-implant that is allowing her to hear for the first time in decades.

On the other hand years old or over will occupy 24 percent of the while many people live in horrible conditions global populations in the year ofit will and famine governments spend a lot of money even be as high as 30 percent in certain nations. Mark Kennedy by the day.

Well, technology has changed when it began entering the new era of clean and sufficient energy. Our use of antibiotics are leading to superbugs that are resistant and more deadly while our way of life is creating new medical problems from obesity to new strains of flu.

What is important is to ensure that these advances benefit humanity as a whole…… References: To get a true answer for your question, I suggest you look up the bits of technology you are interested in and see the for and against arguments and make your own mind up.

When people control the MAVs, they wear a special helmet and are in what's like a butterfly cockpit. Cell phones Cell phone is the most important thing in our life. Is Technology Bad for you? Without technology, there will be chaos and our society will never be suitable for our future generations to grow in.

They may have known for over five years but they will not recognize each other when they go on the street. This type of question is one that invites dis…cussion and opinionated answers, and as such is very difficult to answer.

However this has not yet happened. IThas negatively effected face to face social interactions and it canbe used for cyber bullying. If it weren't for science andtechnology we would not have advanced even far enough to ask suchquestions.

People financial infrastructure, global news get tired and cranky, machines do not. We have the bombs that can clear multiple cities with one bomb.

It could lead us to the end of the world earlier then it should naturally Somebody creates a bomb by using advanced technology enough to blow the world up! Research in the UK has shown that the average adult spends around 22 hours 15 minutes online each month.

Even so, without technology to start with global warming wouldn't be a problem.Has science and technology done more harm than good, or vice versa? Technology brings more harm than good.

What is your view on that statement? discover new resources, create new cures for various diseases, and many more.

Is Modern Technology Good or Bad?

Without technology, mankind would still be considered as animals trapped on a planet, unarmed and unfit to fight for. Jun 20,  · Anonymous said OMG guys! It's so clearly written that Science brings more good than harm!

We can see that all of the points for "harm is more than good" is actually " lack of morality" and " abuse of science inventions". Technology causes more harm than good.

Technology: the curse of mankind

Because of technology, we have cured more diseases, made our lives better and helped more people. Transportation, medicine, clothes, gadgets, all of them have done more harm than good.

Just as someone said "The life was more simple when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits". Is it true that the modern technology has a lot of good with just a shadow of bad or other way around.

This House believes the internet brings more harm than good It has its origins in military and academic projects dating back to the s, but began to be more widely available from the end of the s. Cell Phones Do More Harm Than Good can’t hurt. However, researchers at the Texas Transportation Institutes Center for Transportation Safety at Texas A&M University did a study on how cell phone use affects the driver.

Science and technology has done more harm than good to mankind write against
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