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The first method is through the exchange of the asset and the cash on the delivery date. Futures contracts are broadly grouped into two types: Types of Investments There are many ways to invest your money.

The act of selling a futures contract is referred as taking a short position on the contract. Further, the investment decisions is full of complexity because of volatility of market conditions, Inflation rate fluctuations, impact of Global environment, Cash reserve ratio, and Repo rates.

Financial instrument

Though derivatives basically serve as a Financial instruments essay tool, it is also used to speculate by taking a position in anticipation of a market movement. Essay on the Introduction to Derivatives: Get Access Financial Instruments Essay Sample The present financial market is flooded with a lot investment instruments, viz.

A security derived from a debt instrument, share, loan whether secured or unsecured, risk instrument or contract for differences or any other form of security.

If, for example, they see the futures price of an asset getting out of line with the cash price, they will take offsetting positions in the two markets to lock in a profit. A structured questionnaire consisting close-ended questions have been made, which is filled by the trainee during direct interaction with the respondents.

It is descriptive as it describes the existing financial instruments available in the market.

Financial Instruments Essay Sample

The second method is through cash settlement which is effected by entering into a reverse trade on any day before the delivery date n Underlying Assets: In case of income in form of percentage yieldthe following formula is used.

Therefore, it is imperative to analyze these factors while taking an investment decision. For example, if a contract price increases, the party with long position would receive cash equal to the value of the gains, while the party with short position would have to pay in funds equal to the value of the losses.

The asset may be a commodity such as wheat, gold, etc. If these funds are not deposited on time, then exchange cancels the contract and recovers the loss from the defaulting party.

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Agricultural commodities such as wheat, cotton, sugar, coffee, etc. Investors may use index futures for hedging their risk, while speculators may use them for making gains from the movement of underlying stock indices, p Valuation of Future Contract: The act of buying a futures contract is referred as taking a long position on the contract.

Kindly order term papers, essays, research papers, dissertations, thesisbook reports from the order page. If both traders are closing an existing or old position one old buyer and one old seller open interest will decline by one contract.

It is analytical as it analyses the perception of the investors. Consequently, derivatives are basically used as a hedging tool to protect against risks. The contract has to be settled at maturity through fulfillment of mutual obligations of both the parties.An Account Of The Financial Crisis Essay.

Introduction The global financial crisis of is a situation that any individual will be familiar with, an event that shook the world and still having profound effects upon international economies worldwide.

A document (such as a check, draft, bond, share, bill of exchange, futures or options contract) that has a monetary value or represents a legally enforceable (binding) agreement between two or more parties regarding a right to payment of also debt instrument, equity instrument, and financing instrument.

Financial instruments involve various risks, but several risk factors apply to any type of financial instrument and are discussed below: a) Market risk: The risk that changes in market prices have adverse effect on financial instruments.

Financial Instruments Essay Sample

Financial Instruments Financial Instruments in Cohesion Policy COHESION POLICY The European Commission adopted legislative proposals for cohesion policy for in October This factsheet is one in a series highlighting key elements of the future approach Table of contents What is the aim? Financial Markets and Financial Instruments in Nepal Essay Financial Market and Financial Instruments Market is simply defined as an area for potential exchanges.

Thus market is a group of buyers and sellers interested in negotiating the terms of purchase or sales of goods and services. Financial instrument is defined by IAS 32 ‘any contract that gives rise to financial asset of one entity and a financial liability or equity instrument of another entity.’ (IAS 11) Financial instruments consist of financial assets, financial liability and equity instruments.

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